How to request time off from employee’s account:

  1. From Dashboard, click Request button.

2. Click Request Time Off button.

3. Fill the following fields:
a. Time off type; select the Time Off you want to request.
b. Request Type; choose Full Day or Half Day (this option only appears if the selected Time Off allows a half day request).

  •  If you choose Half Day, there will be another options appear which are Half Day Type (section D) and Schedule In / Schedule Out (section E).

  • If you choose Full Day, there will be an option to select the End Date.

c. Start Date; select the date.
d. Half Day Type; choose the type of Half Day requested (Before Break or After Break).
e. Schedule In/Schedule Out; input schedule in (if you choose Before Break) or schedule out (if you choose After Break), so you will not be counted as late in or early out. Do not fill both.
f.  You can attach a file using the Attach File button if it is required (optional).
g. You can tick Delegate To (optional) if you want to delegate your approval rights to another employee during Time Off (the requested email from your employee will be sent to your inbox and the employee you delegate, so one of you can approve it).
h. Comment; fill the description or reason for your Time Off.

Click Request Time Off button.

4. If the request Time Off is success, you can see the request status in Time Off menu.

Select Time Off tab and select Time Off Request tab.

Note: Employee can also request Time Off from Time Off menu, select Time Off tab and click Request Time Off button.

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