How to check request time off status from employee’s account:

  1. Click Time Off menu.

  2. Click Time Off tab.

  3. Click Time Off Request tab.

  • Status Pending    : request has not been processed by the approver.

  • Status Approved : request already approved; the amount of day(s) approved are shown in Taken column.

If the status show Approved but Canceled column show number (E.g.: 0.5, 1, etc.), means that the request is already approved before being canceled by Admin/Super Admin.

  • Status Rejected   : request is rejected by approver.

  • Status Canceled  : request is canceled by employee.


Employee can also check to whom their approval will be decided or still not processed yet.

Here is the guidance of how to check the approval for employee’s time off request:

  1. Click Time Off menu.

  2. Select Time Off tab.

  3. Select Time Off Request tab.

  4. In the table below, search the request time off you want to check and click Approval button ( ≡ ) in approval column.

5. A pop up box will appear with the detail of the PIC who will approve or has approved the request.

(E.g.: The approval 1 for this request is Natalia with employee ID 333, so the employee can confirm first to Natalia if their request is still pending).

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