In most cases, cancel time off occurred because the employee input a wrong data. 

When time off is requested, it cannot be edited or changed instantly.

There are 2 options for canceling a requested time off:

  • If the request status is approved : you must inform the HRD Department to cancel your Time Off.

  • If the request status is pending : you can cancel it from your account.

Here is the guidance of how to cancel a request time off from employee’s account (the request status is still pending):

  1. Click Time Off menu.

  2. Select Time Off tab.

  3. Select Time Off Request tab.

4. In the table below, find the requested time off you want to cancel and click Cancel button which is located on the right side of the request list.

5. If it is success, the status of the request will be change from Pending to Canceled and the Cancel button will turn to grey (it cannot be clicked anymore).

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